Why Movie Church?

Stories inspire us. Growing up in the 1980's shaped us into the people we are today. You fell in love with the characters on the screen. Perhaps you fell in love with Duckie or maybe you just wanted to be Duckie.

These characters impacted how we looked at the world around us as teengers. Do these movies still inspire us in the same ways as adults? Listen in and find out.

Meet the Podcasters

Both Shawn Pfunder and Isaac Irvine grew up in the 1980's watching the classic movies that shaped our generation.

Shawn Pfunder

Host of Movie Church Podcast

Shawn Pfunder is a writer, speaker, and grown-up theater kid from Idaho. He has a deep love for 80's movies and pancakes.

Isaac Irvine


Isaac fell in love with going to the movies at the age of five when his mom took him to see the movies for the first time to watch Star Wars in 1977.